Is jealousy affecting your life? 

Perhaps you find yourself spending hours of your day checking up on your partner just to make sure they arenít seeing someone else?  Maybe you donít go out as much as you would, because you donít want your partner to be around people of the opposite sex?  Maybe you donít like watching films with your partner that involve nudity of any kind?


Rather than bringing your partner closer, this behaviour hurts your relationships and pushes your partner away.


When jealousy becomes overpowering and feelings of anger, suspicion and insecurity start to affect your behaviour, it can be crippling, affecting your job, social and love life.  The obsessive behaviour and distrust caused by jealousy can even bring about the end of relationships.


Stop jealousy now!  Get rid of that Green Eyed Monster!


Feelings of jealousy stem from a sense that something about your life is not secure.  If you are experiencing jealousy then now is the time to do something about it, because the more you experience jealousy then the more it will affect you and other peopleís lives.  The good news is that those horrible feelings that you currently canít control can be gone for good, and within a very brief period of time by using Hypnotherapy.


Most people experience jealousy at some stage in their lives.  Typically it can rear its ugly head in teenage years when we enter into relationships.  Of course as humans we can be jealous of many things Ė other peopleís careers, money, lifestyle etc, but the most common situation in which jealousy is felt is within a relationship, and this happens as a result of immense love for your partner.  Your intentions might be noble, but the route you take to demonstrate this love is not right.  Controlling someoneís life to protect them is not the best thing to do.  If you love someone you need to be able to let go.  And this is exactly what you will learn with Hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy makes you aware of issues in your past that act as triggers for this jealousy.  It helps you to create a positive self image, so that the insecurities are done away with, it helps you become calm, confident and positive.  You will also be surprised by the changes that you see in your partnerís behaviour too.  Remember, negativity breeds negativity, and the best gift to give you and your partner is to make efforts to get out of these negative emotions and work towards nurturing a relationship.


It will heal any negative emotions and low confidence, and a new experience will start to emerge Ė a feeling of being in control and having self-worth.  You will find yourself calmer and relaxed in situations where previously you would have felt uncomfortable.  You will approach difficult situations confidently.


You will be amazed at how quickly you will see the benefits.  Imagine how you would feel with all negative emotions gone and to have that feeling of being back in control and feeling great?


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