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Hypnotherapy and hypnosis is one of the most effective ways of giving up smoking.  A 2005 study of 72,000 smokers from Europe and the US, reported in the Journal of Psychology, showed that hypnosis came top as the most effective therapy in helping people to give up smoking.  (Source : Guardian Unlimited, 7th January 2006)

Statistics show that last year over 5 million people died worldwide as a result of tobacco.  That many coffins would stretch, end-to-end, from London to Bangkok, Thailand.  If you and your friends start smoking and continue to smoke, then half will die from smoking.  Many will die 15-20 years before their time.  Stop what you are doing.  Look at your watch or the second hand of a clock.  Watch 7 seconds go by.  In that time someone, somewhere in the world just died because they smoked.

Smoking is a habit and is also poisonous to your system, and is the UK's single greatest cause of preventable illness and early death.  Every cigarette shortens your life by 6 minutes!  Smoking is bad for you.  You know it, and you know what it can do to you in the long run - it makes you very ill and can kill you!  Is that really what you want to happen?

If you ask a smoker to tell you which cigarettes they need to smoke during the day because of the addiction factor, you probably find that there are only very few.  All the other cigarettes are smoked simply out of habit.

The reasons behind starting smoking may have been for any number of different reasons - to help with stress, social acceptance, because friends/family smoked.  Whatever the reason it would have been taken on board by your subconscious as a necessity for you, so even when you consciously decide you want to stop smoking and you are aware of all the risks, your subconscious is still promoting smoking.  Therefore your conscious mind and subconscious mind are in battle, and when this is the case the subconscious usually wins.  This is why only 3% of people who stop smoking use willpower alone.

This is why hypnotherapy can be very successful.  When in a hypnotic state the information in your subconscious mind can be accessed, and those past beliefs can be taken and replaced with the ones you already know consciously, that you are a non-smoker and no longer want or need to smoke. 

Most smokers state that they want to quit because of a health concern.  In fact health, improvements are felt after a very short time of stopping smoking:

  • After 8 hours carbon monoxide is eliminated from your body
  • After 24 hours your lungs start to clear out the debris and mucus
  • After 48 hours you are nicotene-free.  Your taste and sense of smell improves
  • After 78 hours your breathing becomes easier and you will notice that you have more energy
  • After 2 to 12 weeks, circulation improves and exercise gets easier
  • After 3 to 9 months your lung function is improved up to 10-20%
  • After 5 years the risk of heart attack falls to half that of a smoker
  • After 10 years the risk of lung cancer falls to that of a non-smoker

Aside from the above, when you take control and break the habit you will feel great, your skin will be much healthier and younger looking, you will smell better, be much less stressed, be richer and be much more in positive and in control of your life in general.

Nearly ten years ago the Which? Report concluded that of all methods available for stopping smoking, Hypnotherapy was the most succesful, and the only one with no cravings, no irritability, no bad temper and no weight gain.

We know that smoking is a major cause of stress, and we also know that we have much more control than we think we have.  Most of us give up when we go to bed and have no problem with going on a plane for a 12 hour flight or when we go to hospital for an operation etc.

With the help of hypnosis the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed enabling us to do what we consciously want to do, thus letting our conscious mind win the battle.

Hypnotherapy for smoking is not just about helping you to stop.  After all, you stop smoking between each cigarette you have.  No.  It's also about helping you remain a non-smoker.  That means it should not only address the process of stopping and keeping you stopped, but also those fears that you may have of what happens when you've done so.  It's often those fears and concerns that prompt a person to fall off the healthy wagon and go back into the tarpit of smoking.  During our session I will discuss with you any fears or concerns that you may have, to enable you to create strategies to help you get around them, and I will also help dispel the many myths that surround cigarettes.

Nicotine gum had only just over a 10% success rate, our results have shown that hypnosis is the most effective way to become a non-smoker.  Results of the 2005 study of 72,000 smokers from Europe and the US clearly showed that hypnosis was many times more efective than nicotine replacement therapy (Source : New Scientist, Vol. 136, Issue 1845, Page 6)

If all that doesn't convince you, you can see the savings you can make in black and white.  Think how much you will be saving over a year.  What could you have spent that on? 

Imagine yourself in the future, say six months time from now.   How good is it going to be when someone offers you a cigarette and you find yourself saying "No thanks"?  Perhaps you can imagine how proud you are going to feel and how positive you will be about yourself.

Are you ready to be a non-smoker?  To stop smoking only one session lasting up to two hours is needed.  The cost is 100, and includes a back-up relaxation CD to take away with you.


Note : An important factor for the success of hypnotherapy is that you are 100% on board.  It is down to your intent to want to stop.  If there is any doubt in your mind, then your subconscious will protect those past beliefs and affect the success of the therapy.  Using hypnotherapy to quit smoking is not magic, and very much relies on building up your willpower.  If you enter into our therapy session with the right motivation and a genuine desire to quit, then hypnotherapy is extremely effective in helping you to become and remain a non-smoker.


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