It is probable that your confidence is adequate in most situations, but that certain things unnerve you.  Public speaking is the most common of these.  You won't find many people who actually enjoy giving a speech or a presentation - they will be very few and far between!

Maybe you never had to do it before, and you're nervous because it's a major thing to do.  On the other hand, maybe you have done it before and it's like a vicious circle - you worry about it, the day comes, you worry about it even more.  You give the speech etc and it doesn't go to plan, you're upset about it, so the next time you have to give a speech again you're even more nervous because you start remembering the last time and what happened.  You do the speech again, and maybe it was even worse than before because your nerves really got the better of you?

Hypnotherapy can help you break that cycle and change your experience into a positive one.  It can take the anxiety and tension out of the situation and it will help you gain back your control.  Usually three to four sessions are all that is needed.


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