Firstly, nail biting is a remnant of an old childhood behaviour that gave you pleasure when you were younger - thumb sucking!  It is essentially an unwanted habit.

For someone who doesn't bite their nails, nail biting can seem quite trivial.  However, for those who do it is an issue that preys on their minds and sometimes adds a considerable inconvenience to their lives.  Some people bite their nails (or the skin around them) so much that they make their fingers/thumbs bleed - this can never been seen as trivial.  It is often something that is done quite unconsciously.  It may only be some time after you have started that you become aware that you are in fact biting your nails.

Stress/anxiety is a common factor in nail biting, and it is also a habit that can be helped considerably, and quickly, with hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy will lower your stress levels and help you to regain your control and get rid of your habit once and for all.  Nail biting is very easy to deal with, and can usually be treated in around three to four sessions (depending on the level of stress and anxiety which is present in the nail biter's life at the time).


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