Everyone can do with a little extra confidence from time to time - hypnotherapy has traditionally been associated with helping people to feel confident in their lives. 

If you need to gain confidence in a single area of your life, for example in a work situation, then hypnotherapy can work very quickly.  It helps to neutralise your fear template(s) and replaces that template(s) with one that shows your subconscious mind that it's possible for you to be successful in whatever area of confidence you need boosting in.  This can normally be overcome in three to four sessions.

If you need confidence in your life overall this normally takes a little longer.  Obviously everyone is different, so what each person needs to regain their confidence will be unique.  If you have low self-confidence or low self-esteem generally then hypnotherapy can definitely help.  Increasing your confidence as a person is a process of building positivity and self-recognition over time.  You will need to relearn any negative programmes you have, and I can help you build on the skills you need to be able to engage with the world around you postively and confidently.

The amount of sessions will depend on your individual needs, but is usually between four and six.


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