BRUXISM (TEETH GRINDING)

Bruxism is a condition where you grind your teeth during your sleep and/or daily jaw clenching.  This can cause damage and wear on your teeth, and is not nice to experience.  Some sufferers dream of tooth grinding and have reported back to me that they get a locked jaw where great pressure is placed on or two teeth creating the fear that their teeth will snap.  Some people don't even realise that they grind their teeth at all, and are only alerted to the fact by their partner telling them.  It appears that when we are anxious generally, the muscles of the jaw can hold a great deal of tension, and it seems that there is an effort to release this tension during sleep.

It has been documented that stress worsens this condition, and in most people the bruxism usually stops naturally when their time of stress has passed.  If however this doesn't happen, then it usually responds well and readily to hypnotherapy.  Treatment requires a general reduction in anxiety coupled with some suggestion-based therapy work to suggest relaxation to the mind and jaw during sleep.


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