FEAR AND ANXIETY

Everybody gets anxious about performing certain tasks - delivering a speech/presentation, getting married, taking a driving test, flying in a plane, singing on stage etc.  Hypnotherapy has been used very successfully in helping many people cope with the nervous reaction that can accompany these activities.  A little nervousness is completely natural - it is merely a sign of your own adrenaline giving the body a boost so that it is totally alert and ready for whatever it is you need to do.  For some people though this natural reaction gets bigger and bigger, their palms sweat, their heart pounds almost audibly, their stomach churns over and they feel as though they may faint and they will do almost anything to get out of having to undertake the task that is reducing them to jelly.

It is well documented that Stephen Fry has admitted that he has visited a hypnotherapist for help in controlling his nerves when he had to sing a song on stage (something he disliked doing), and that hypnosis helped to control his anxiety so that he was able to perform perfectly when he needed to.

Hypnotherapy can help to alleviate your fears and anxiety too.


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