SELF HYPNOSIS FOR CHILDBIRTH

 Everything you see or hear about birth (from friends, family or on TV) tells you that giving birth is going to hurt.  At worst it is portrayed as an agonising and traumatic experience you have to endure, with your partner standing helplessly by while you scream and suffer in pain.

Your friends and family mean well.  They want you to know what to expect.  In fact they think they are helping by preparing you for the "inevitable".  The only thing is - they are wrong!

Pain is not inevitable - using Self Hypnosis for Childbirth you don't have to suffer agony when you give birth.  By using the techniques you will be shown during the course, you are putting yourself more in control of your birth.

You will be taught techniques for a safe and more comfortable birth using guided imagery and visualisation.  During the birth you will be aware of your body's contractions, but you will be able determine the extent to which you feel the surge.  It is possible to experience your birthing in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, without fear and tension that cause pain.


  • Improved sleep prior to birth/afterwards
  • Less heartburn and more control of blood pressure
  • Removal of fear and anxiety and less need for induction of labour
  • Fewer drugs or no drugs in some cases, which means less risk of side effects on mother and baby
  • Shorter labour
  • An awake, energised mother due to total relaxation throughout the birth
  • Breech/posterior babies can be turned during hypnosis
  • Babies who sleep and feed better due to fewer drugs in their systems and a relaxed birthing experience
  • A calm, peaceful birthing atmosphere

The Health Education Authority has said "Research shows that there is more scientific evidence for Hypnotherapy than any other Complementary Therapy ..................... by using Hypnosis people can perform prodigious feats of willpower and self healing".


Within reason no.  The sooner you start, the more time you have to practice - the optimum time to start this course is at 32 weeks.

The course consists of 4 x 1 hour sessions (weekly).


170 - this is inclusive of specialised CDs and handouts.

Many participants find that the self-hypnosis skills learnt on the course are useful in many other situations in life too (stress relief, keeping calm, etc).

I can't promise you a "perfect" birth, no one can, but I can promise you a much more comfortable and relaxed birth than you would have had otherwise.  These simple techniques do require practice, but the end result is worth it.


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