It is probable that your confidence is adequate in most situations, but that certain things unnerve you.  Nerves often show themselves as soon as the words "Exam" or "Test" are said.  You won't find many people who actually enjoy being in a test situation.

For many people the anticipation of the test and the thoughts of what might go wrong can be worse than the test itself, and of course the more nervous you become, the more likely you are to make mistakes on the actual test - a catch-22 situation!

Many students who don't necessarily excel throughout the academic year seem to do well once it comes to exam time.  At the same time, many exemplary students freeze when placed in an exam situation, even though they would have no problem at all with the tasks set in a different environment. 

So what happens?  It appears to be the way that our mind filters information about the exam itself.  Some feel enormous amounts of pressure and are overtaken by nerves because their minds perceive this to be a threatening situation and react accordingly.  Unfortunately this automatic reaction, designed to be protective and helpful, actually achieves the opposite of the desired effect.  Rather than helping to create an optimum state for passing exams, a fight or flight type response causes the body to become tense and thought processes confused.

How Hypnotherapy can Help

It can help you break that cycle and change your experience into a positive one.  It can take the anxiety and tension out of the situation and it will help you gain back your control.  Deep relaxation techniques used in hypnosis help you focus inwards and start to restore your feeling of confidence and self-belief, providing real help in any test/exam situation.

I would use visualisation techniques, using the power of your imagination to rehearse or practice the test in your mind.  By doing so you will have already experienced the feeling of passing the test/exam and your mind has been pre-programmed for success.  With your feelings of confidence and control restored, any test or exam can be tackled with new levels of calmness and assurance.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome exam nerves, anxiety,panic and pressure.  It will help you develop positive beliefs and motivation for study and revision.  You will find ways of relaxing and using energy previously reserved for exam stress in a different way.

Usually three to four sessions are all that is needed.


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